Improving the Productivity of your Sales Force

Improving the Productivity of your Sales Force

There’s nothing worse than receiving a cold-call telemarketing interruption when the person calling doesn’t even seem to have a good grasp of the product or, even worse, when all the person’s got is sales hype with no substance. Oh, wait … yes there is something worse – when a person like that is in your office trying to conduct a meeting with you. The likelihood of buying anything from this seemingly uninformed person is zero – or close to it – when you have no confidence in the seller and are just trying to find the fastest way to get rid of him or her.

Sales Driven by Improvisation

That scenario was surprisingly common in the days before the advent of tablets and sales apps. Salespeople would routinely visit potential customers, but did not have enough knowledge about the client to tailor the sales presentation to the client’s specific needs. It takes time and research to determine what has been done previously with the client, what the client has already been presented with and even which client has been visited before.  Before tablets and sales apps, you wound up with salespeople oftentimes winging it and hoping for the best.

A New Type of Sales Force

Your sales force cannot be the weak link in your business chain; it is responsible for reeling in the catch, sealing the deal, putting bread on the table, bringing home the bacon – whatever you want to call making money for your business. Plus, your sales team is your company’s face to the outside world. Knowledge is replacing the days of glad-handing and backslapping as a primary sales tool. But it’s often difficult to ensure a sales force will always be prepared when making calls – that is, unless members are armed with the right tools. After all, where would Batman be without the latest, greatest technology?

A Prepared Sales Force

When companies provide their sales staff with specialized apps, such as NubiQ, members of the sales team can say what they mean and mean what they say by being prepared with specific metrics and analytics for customers. It is well known that customers immediately trust and have confidence in a knowledgeable salespeople. A good app for sales teams allows salespeople to prep for a meeting easily, right before walking in. All the customer information should be available just by opening the app. Being able to show a custom presentation right from the same app is a huge bonus and time saver – kind of like using old-fashioned storyboards, but on steroids. Gone can be the days of static paper presentations.

A Happy Sales Force

Besides helping with making the sale itself, a good sales team app can also take care of all the busy work a salesperson typically needs to do at the end of the day, such as reporting required activity and information to the home office. This frees more time for sales staff to either enjoy some quality leisure time (a job perk companies can offer) or spend that extra time making more sales.

Try It Before You Buy It

Choosing the right app for your company is a big decision. Apps and software suites are nowadays very affordable and easy to deploy. But you should still schedule demonstrations, download demos and test drive the apps and or web backends, before you settle on one. You need to ensure it’s one your sales team will enjoy using; otherwise, it will likely go unused. A test-drive helps ensure you’re getting all the features and functions you need while still being easy to use and with no to a small learning curve. You’ll need to determine how well a potential app works on the management end also; it should allow managers to know what’s going on with the client and to monitor sales force activity, and you may want to know whether the app offers order negotiation that allow the sales rep to take the order on the spot.

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